”Schweiss” is the german word for blood from the game. In the danish "hunter language" it is used as blood from a deer, which has given the name to what we call "Schweissdogs". These dogs are trained to track wounded or runned over deers, so they can be put down in the most humane way. 

The beagle is a scenthound, and therefore it is stimulated, on the intelligent plane, when he works with his nose. But especially schweiss because the dog has to follow a frest scent. Most beagles are very intense and concentrated then they are on a schweisstrack.

Then we train the dogs to schweiss, we make a false track with blood from some sore of cloven-footed animal.

Tha Danish Beagle Club has several test every year.
For more information regarding schweiss take a look
at the homepage of The Dansih Beagle Club
: www.beagleclub.dk

At the end of the track we revard the dog with a hidden hide or bone from a deer. After some time on an easy and short track, we increase the difficulty.

The training is mostly about reading and trusting your dog and to support the job his doing. It all depends on how we adjust our behaviour, so that the dog gets his space to to the best he can in his area of expertice.



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