Kennel Maruby






Maruby is a small but very serious beagle kennel. I live in the northern Jutland more specific Hjørring. I have had beagles since 1988 through my parents. I got my first own beagle in 2001. That was when my big interest for the breed and breeding started. In 2007 i got my kennel prefik "Maruby", and in the spring 2008 the first litter of the kennel arrived.

At the moment i am studying to become a teacher, with i hope to finish in 2011. Untill then the amoung of beagles will stay at a minimum. Because of my studies we live very small at the moment. Small but good. In my house the dogs sleep where ever they want - in the bed.

I spoil my dogs. None of them decided to stay with me, i decided that for them. Therefor it is up to me to give them a good life.

I do not have more than 1 litter every year. The puppies will be born and grow up right by my side.












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