Skansehøj's Ruby
DOB 08. May 2006

















Ruby is my first bitch. She is a very sweet and happy girl. If possible she would be playing all day long. Ruby is a very mild and cuddly girl. She is born at Skansehøj beagles, but moved in with me at the age of 8½ weeks old.

Ruby has been shown a few times. She moves very well and has such a sweet look. But Ruby did never get to like attending dogshows, so now she is retired. She is my little pentionist.

On 1.May 2008 she gave birth to the first litter of the kennel. 10 healthy puppies. She was super during birth and she acted like her purpose in lifewas to be a mummy. On the 29th of May 2009 she gave birth to her second litter. A litter of 7 lovely puppies. She really is born for motherhood.



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