Sopwith Camel's Rosa Melina
DOB 11. juni 2010

For quite some time I have planned for at new dog to move in. And when kennel Sopwith Camel's repeated a combination a was very fond of I stood first in line for a female pup. Birgitte asked me if I wanted to join her on the trip to England to get DKCH Sopwith Camel's Heavenly Rosalind mated to UKCH Nedlaw Barbarian. So I think it is fair to say that i followed me pup from the very beginning.

On the 11th of August Melina finally moved in. I have already during the first few days learned a lot about her. She is a very positive and playful little girl. She is a very talkative and she tells of the toys is they are behaving badly ;0) It didn't take long for her and Ruby to get along and start playing, and it makes me so very happy to see how they are enjoying eachothers company. Besides that Melina really really really loves food and she is like a whirlwind constantly whirling around my legs. In all she is a very lovely girl.

I expect that Melina will have her showdebut in the babyclass later this year, and I am very excited to see how she will develope during the next few years.m


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